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Visit to Glastonbury Tor

As part of our drive to show others that having a stoma isn’t the end of the world, I recently visited the Glastonbury Tor, I was taking part in a filming about the place I grew up. It is a great place visit and the views on a really clear day makes it worth while,

sex and living with a stoma

Hannah has written a fantastic document about some tips that she has discovered whilst living her life as an ostomate and dealing with the subject of sex and having an ostomy. Its a subject that doesn’t get spoken about to much, Hannah has wanted to write this for a while and has given an insight

A Hospital Checklist

Prior to going into hospital you might be feeling a little apprehensive and nervous, you have so many things going on in your mind that getting stuff ready for your stay becomes blurred as to what you might need. We have drawn up a checklist to help you out with this to try and take

fellas showcasing life with a stoma

Recently a story of the young man in Barnsley who opted to end his life has been reported on in a the media, sadly he didnt want to live a life with a stoma. This has caused quite a debate throughout the ostomy world from many places and not just here in the UK. At