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50:50 raffle

*LAUNCH POST FOR STOMA HEROES 50:50 RAFFLE*   We at stoma heroes have started our new 50:50 raffle, its a new exciting fundraising idea so that we can focus on reaching our goals and help in the research and understanding of #diverticulitis.   The Stoma Heroes 50:50 raffle is fully licensed and registered with section

Type 2 Diabetes, my denial

My type 2 diabetes journey, Going back to January 2018, I was still coming to terms with my ileostomy, and the different feelings and emotions that would come along on my journey. I was not feeling too good, I felt lethargic and drained, and a felt weak. learning from past issues I thought I best
Emma has kindly wrote a little bit about helping with reducing tension and simple activities that she feels could help you with getting through the days ahead. No matter how much your family loves one another, self-isolating at home is bound to cause some tension. Everyone is most likely extremely stressed out due to work,


Dehydration is an ostomates nemesis, Drinking water isn’t always the best way to rehydrate yourself, it can remove any goodness from your inside and can have a negative effect on what you are trying to achieve, you effectively flush your body through. You can buy rehydration sachets from all supermarkets, there is so many hydrational