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Please have a look at this Blog from Sarah, I think you will find it informative and helpful. if you want to know more or have a further chat with Sarah please use the link in the blog post which will direct you to her website. Stoma Blog Intro Many people with stomas are told
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Finding perfection in the ostomy pouch world, that perfect set up at the end of the ostomy rainbow. Waking up from emergency surgery and finding I had two strange pouches attached to my body, collecting my waste products, was not easy to come to terms with.  My first thought was what the hell are those”?
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Back in April I was messaged on Instagram out of the blue by someone who had 2 coke bottles as the profile picture, at first, I was ok another random so ignored it, but I eventually decided I should have a look at the message sent to me. This is when one of the best
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At last we are able to start our group up again, although in a different location. Please pop along to see how we have managed through the last 18 months or so, its great to try and bring a new normal to what we do and to be able to come together and share our
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Refugee Aid From Taunton (RAFT) they coordinate & collect suitable, medical supplies and send it on to where the items are needed in Europe or Syria, if you have any of the following please look at the information below and send it to the address shown and we will sort out the rest and get
Thursday, 09 September 2021 / Published in Blog, Patient Stories Eric Douglin, my story. “We have to operate immediately or you could die within 24 hours” No, this wasn’t a line out of TV shows like Casualty, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, or for the older generation St Elsewhere. This line was said to me by a very worried looking surgeon at the Prince Royal University Hospital, Orpington
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Sue Lennon talks to Eve, who gives a fantastic insight into her journey about healing from cancer, recovering from stoma surgery, her treatment and journey to remission. #MyOstomy ‎#MyOstomy on Apple Podcasts   Hollister Incorporated US | Ostomy, Continence, Wound & Critical Care | Hollister UK  
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Sex and a stoma It is a very taboo subject in the ostomy world, recently I had the chance to speak to a lovely lady called Sue Lennon, our paths crossed on discussing a different subject via a feed on twitter. You always see people talking about this subject but never a means for an
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My type 2 diabetes journey, Going back to January 2018, I was still coming to terms with my ileostomy, and the different feelings and emotions that would come along on my journey. I was not feeling too good, I felt lethargic and drained, and a felt weak. learning from past issues I thought I best
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  My story started 29th September 2018 started to feel Ill thought I had a water infection. Saw a doctor on the 1st October given antibiotics. I felt so Ill & in loads of pain didn’t go to work the next day. On weds 3rd October I saw my doctor he said water sample came