sex and the stoma stigma

Sex and a stoma

It is a very taboo subject in the ostomy world, recently I had the chance to speak to a lovely lady called Sue Lennon, our paths crossed on discussing a different subject via a feed on twitter. You always see people talking about this subject but never a means for an outlet for people to go should they feel they need advise or help, this is where this might be able help.

Sue gives a brief history about herself and what she is sees as the issues regarding this subject, if you feel you need any form of support please click on the link below, it has a couple of links with in the write up from sue.

Hopefully this will help you in some way to improve things and reduce the anxieties around this very subject.

The dansac booklet ‘Your sexual self booklet’

also a link to Sue Lennon

sex and the stoma stigma | Stoma Heroes

A massive THANKYOU to sue for doing this write up for us and most importantly YOU.

Stoma heroes