Wednesday, 14 September 2022 / Published in Uncategorised
Post op issues. Underneath my scar from my hernia repair and stoma reversal surgery I have a seroma, this is a complication from my surgery I had due to the Fluid not being absorbed back into my body correctly, there is a cavity from where the hernia had stretched my insides and the fluid collected
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Back in April I was messaged on Instagram out of the blue by someone who had 2 coke bottles as the profile picture, at first, I was ok another random so ignored it, but I eventually decided I should have a look at the message sent to me. This is when one of the best
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At last we are able to start our group up again, although in a different location. Please pop along to see how we have managed through the last 18 months or so, its great to try and bring a new normal to what we do and to be able to come together and share our
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I woke up the following morning after a few hours (8) In surgery, feeling very strange as the life had been sucked right out of me In fact It nearly had a few hours left untreated It would have been, I was in this strange room (hdu) attached to so many pipes and tubes doing