Refugee Aid From Taunton (RAFT)

Refugee Aid From Taunton (RAFT) they coordinate & collect suitable, medical supplies and send it on to where the items are needed in Europe or Syria, if you have any of the following please look at the information below and send it to the address shown and we will sort out the rest and get it to guys in Taunton.

We will collate it all together and take more than a few items.


How to donate ostomy supplies:
We accept all types (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy) of pouching systems (adult or pediatric) that are new and not expired;
• 1-piece pouches
• 2-piece skin barriers (wafer/flange)
• 2-piece pouches (drainable or closed-end)
As well as new/unopened ostomy accessories such as;
• stoma paste
• stoma powder
• barrier rings
• barrier sheets
• barrier strips
• skin barrier wipes
• adhesive remover wipes
• hernia / support belts
• stoma guards

Please mail your donations to:

Stoma Heroes/RAFT appeal
Vicky Hicks
Ham Road
Brent Knoll

NOTE: This is not a drop off location.
TIP: Loose items can be damaged during shipping. Please leave the products in their original boxes. This helps us track expiration dates. Contact Shane or vicky at Stoma Heroes if you need assistance in this area.

[email protected]

[email protected]