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Dehydration is an ostomates nemesis, Drinking water isn’t always the best way to rehydrate yourself, it can remove any goodness from your inside and can have a negative effect on what you are trying to achieve, you effectively flush your body through. You can buy rehydration sachets from all supermarkets, there is so many hydrational
Saturday, 30 May 2020 / Published in Blog, diet & nutrition
As hydration is an ostomates nemesis in warmer weather we have constructed a couple of print able leaflets on hydration and dehydration, on these they will have some information on rehydration drink mix and the best hydration foods to help you keep well hydrated . please feel free to print out. leaflet hydration and dehydration
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Food choices after your bowel surgery Small bowel: – it will continue to work and absorb and digest all the good things it needs after the formation of the ileostomy Large bowel: – after the formation of the ileostomy the large bowel will absorb less salt and water and your output could be loose at