Visit to Glastonbury Tor

As part of our drive to show others that having a stoma isn’t the end of the world, I recently visited the Glastonbury Tor, I was taking part in a filming about the place I grew up. It is a great place visit and the views on a really clear day makes it worth while, looking out of the Somerset levels and beyond is truly fantastic. To me it means so much as a place as I grew up wandering around it and up and down it plenty of times in my youth, pretty much everyday.

I thought this would have been a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness from a vantage point within Somerset and to the visitors on the tor, we as a group cant wait until we can get back together and have a meet up, although there has been some small get togethers for a walks through nine springs country park in Yeovil.

Over the next few weeks or so we will be out and about trying to get some banner photos at different parts of Somerset possibly further a field when time allows. so watch this space.

If you would like to come along or further information please let me know or contact us on our email address and we can let you know when were and at what time.