getting back together

Its been a while, but some of the stoma heroes local support group members met up for the first time since February. After consulting the Crispin community centre in street and following their guidelines we held a meeting, it was great for the ostomates to be able to get together and talk about their lock down issues, and their own personal experiences of this time. We also welcomed a couple of new ostomates to the group and as time goes by more of our members will start to return and we can plan and look forward to going out as a group when time allows.

The next meeting is planned for 7th November 10-12 at the Crispin community centre street.

There is a restriction of 15 people so if you wish to attend please contact us so we can update numbers send send out information to you.

Many thanks

Stoma heroes

Event location

Crispin Community Centre

Community Centre
4 Leigh Road, Street
BA16 0HA