Teresa My mum

My 91-year-old mum had her operation 50 years ago reversed 48 years ago. It was frightening times with little or no information or support. If mum was concerned, I ran to the phone box down the road and phoned the GP surgery and spoke to the GP and relayed it back to mum. Mum is so pleased this support group has been set up as she had no one to turn to. I remember the GP explaining to dad it flared up quick she was about 40.
Mum had Ulcers and abscesses in her intestines and an abscess were clinging to her ovary too so that was removed during the operation. After the operation mum was very ill, we thought we were going to lose her, after she returned home we had no information just a photocopied sheet explaining that she had a stoma but no advice of possible concerns and solutions, mum had ulcerative colitis. Mum had a reversal done 2 years later and is now 91 years old.
Before her reversal mum didn’t cope as was a nervous wreck due to ignorance no support and fear she didn’t leave the house l cared for my baby sister took her to school etc After the reversal she walked to town and back every day. when I was on holiday a couple of years ago there was this beautiful girl who had stoma bags to match her bikinis and bright colours l so wanted to talk to her.
Things have progressed somewhat since that time but the stigma and ignorance not so much so. Although groups and charities such as stoma heroes are working hard to change this