Simple Activities to Reduce Tension at Home While Self-Isolating

Emma has kindly wrote a little bit about helping with reducing tension and simple activities that she feels could help you with getting through the days ahead.

No matter how much your family loves one another, self-isolating at home is bound to cause some tension. Everyone is most likely extremely stressed out due to work, school, and fears associated with COVID-19. Moreover, family acts as a safe space to release those tensions. However, we are often ill-equipped to do so in a way that doesn’t escalate into more stress and frustration.


That’s why it’s so important to build appropriate outlets into your family’s routine. In doing so, you can ensure your family members have a chance to let go of that stress in healthy, productive ways. These suggestions can inspire you to find the best stress-reduction techniques for your family.


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Get Creative


Artistic expression is one of the absolute best ways for people to let go of pent-up negative emotions. When you create some form of artwork, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to express something that you may not have the words to say. This can be an especially confidence-boosting experience for children with learning disabilities, who may discover a strength or passion that uses skills with which they can shine. Consider painting, coloring, drawing, or sculpting together as a family.


Clean House


If you’ve been self-isolating for months now, odds are you’ve developed some pretty anxiety-ridden associations with your own home. Fortunately, a full-house deep clean can do wonders for resetting that energy and making your home a more positive space. Get everyone in the family on board with doing a full clean of the house. Set goals — you can even make a game out of knocking tasks out by assigning “points” to family members and letting the winning family member pick your celebratory dinner when you’re done.


Work It Out


Often, pent-up tension is actually a result of pent-up energy, especially when kids are involved. Children are naturally more energized than adults, and months and months spent mostly indoors can leave them understandably frazzled. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your kids (and you!) get plenty of exercise.


Practice Mindfulness


One of the most effective ways to reduce stress in your life overall is to begin a mindfulness practice. Although you can practice mindfulness through meditation, it is far from the only avenue. You can mindfully do anything. Chores, driving, even simply sitting and enjoying the view from your window provides an opportunity to be mindful.


Here’s a simple way to practice: Start by taking a couple of slow, deep breaths, and try to notice how these feel in your body. Then, begin doing your task and pay attention to what’s happening in the present moment.


It sounds deceivingly simple, so go in understanding that it will be hard at first. Your mind may wander to your to-do list, worries, and “what ifs.” Simply notice where it wanders, then bring your attention back to the present. By practicing this intentionally, you’ll start to develop the habit of mindfulness, so you’ll spend less time consumed in worry and more focused on what is actually happening around you.


Stress and tension in family homes are almost inevitable right now, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you nor define this moment. Focus on finding ways to release that tension, and foster peace and unity in your home. In doing so, you’ll come to recognize that you’re all stronger together.


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In the post there are some links to sites that will help you in achieving the goals that you my consider, these include meditation, resetting the energy and how to get through the ‘what ifs’ and ‘worries’ associated with these times.

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Simple Activities to Reduce Tension at Home While Self-Isolating