Brief History

My name is Shane and this is my story

Before my operations, my personnel circumstances were pretty good, I was in a new relationship which was fantastic just after coming through a stressful divorce, I was having a few niggles at first felt like groin strain so kept putting it off 'its a man thing'. I tried to review my food intake to see if there was a pattern but there wasn't anything, I could put my finger on. This started to turn into a dull ache off and on but was manageable then over a period nothing then eventually I started to have crippling pain which increased, my body temperature increased, and a more frequent visits to the toilet ensued. My physical ability was reducing I was getting tired more quickly and not being able to get comfortable in bed.

So, guess it was the time to call the doctors, after seeing the doctor and a nurse practitioner a few time with the old ‘IBS’ symptoms I was given colprim to take and that was about it, in hindsight I guess and wrongly diagnosed, I'm not blaming anyone as I was at first treated for the symptoms I was showing but maybe sending me for a scan may be should have happened. The pain was located to a certain area, same place every time but nothing I couldn't handle really. How wrong was I. I had to change doctors and in February 2017 after attending the doctors a couple of times they did some further tests and sent me to the hospital as my symptoms got to an uncontrollable point, after spending a week in hospital for treatment of which I didn’t have a firm diagnosis of the issue, it could be this or that.

I left the hospital pretty much in the same situation I arrived still in pain but armed with a mixture of different drugs to help with my needs. They said that things should start to get better in a few days to a week, the following Tuesday whilst driving my car I felt a pain like nothing I’ve had before. I called the doctors which by this time the pain was decreasing!!!! I spoke to the doctor arranged an appointment for later in the day or if it got worse to straight to them. By 6pm the pain was back so going onto the doctors and subsequently onto the hospital where I had a check over, monitored and subsequently taken to a ward, within 20 mins of being on the ward I was whisked off to the theatre...

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A colostomy is an operation to divert one end of the colon through an opening in the tummy.


An ileostomy is where the small bowel is diverted through an opening in the tummy (abdomen).


It is a surgical procedure which diverts the normal flow of urine from the kidneys and ureters into a surgically created stoma.

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